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This website is hosted and maintained by KAJABI and is provided as a service to HAMISH HODDER EDUCATION PTY LTD.

By using this website you are agreeing to the terms of this Privacy Policy. HAMISH HODDER EDUCATION PTY LTD adheres to the Australian Privacy Principles in dealing with consumers and their data.


This website is hosted on KAJABI infrastructure.

This website uses cookies, which are small data files containing information that is exchanged between your web browser and a website server, helping to keep records and enhance functionality on the website. This information is non-personal in nature. Information collected includes data such as browser type, operating system, time and date of access, IP address and language settings.

This website stores encoded authentication credentials within user sessions. This data is used to verify the client side with the server side.

This website uses Google Analytics tools and Facebook Pixel to understand how users interact with our site. This information is non-personal, stored in your browser as cookies and sent to the respective vendors for the purpose of creating aggregate data for statistical analysis.

Please refer to the below privacy policies for further information:

Google Privacy and Terms

Facebook Privacy

Any information collected when you use this website will not be disclosed or distributed without your consent.


Personal information means any information that we can use to identify you, or link to you. You can visit the website without providing your personal information.

We only collect personal information that is required for one of our functions, such as registration. For example, if you choose to sign up and purchase a course through the website, you will be required to login with an email account. This is used to create and administer a user account for you and may give us access to information such as your name, address, email address, account number and other relevant information. Information such as user passwords are not collected by us. They are heavily encrypted and stored on KAJABI’s backend services. For more information please refer to KAJABI Privacy.

Any financial information collected by us is only used to charge you for the services purchased.

If you contact us through email, our support form, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or YouTube, you may be providing us with additional personal information such as your name and other identifying information. We may contact you regarding blog posts and for promotions, but only for our content. Your data will not be harvested or on-sold to a third party. Further details are included in our Data Breach Policy.

Privacy and the National Data Breach Scheme

Since February 2018, companies subject to the Australian Privacy Principles are also subject to the National Data Breach Scheme (‘the Scheme’). The Scheme sets out mandatory steps that must be taken in the event that the security of a computer system which stores personal data is breached.

After a preliminary check of any suspected breach, we are required to undertake steps to evaluate the risks associated with the breach, determine whether the breach requires notification to customers and the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner, which has been given various enforcement powers. Any breach requires steps to be taken to prevent future breaches of a similar nature.

IfHAMISH HODDER EDUCATION PTY LTD or its service providers detect a data breach, or has reasonable grounds to believe a data breach has occurred, HAMISH HODDER EDUCATION PTY LTD will then inform the affected, or possible affected parties. This notification will include our contact details, a description of the data breach, the nature of the information concerned and our recommended steps. We may also take reasonable steps to publish a statement on our website.

The processing on your transaction is carried out by a third party processor (‘Stripe’). By accepting these Terms you are also accepting and agreeing to the Terms of Use of Stripe, found (here). You agree that HAMISH HODDER EDUCATION PTY LTD is not a party to the agreement between Stripe and the Customer and is not liable, directly or indirectly, for any damage or loss caused in connection with your agreement with Stripe.


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